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scott jones
10-Jun-2001, 16:21
Hi all!

Here is an update on my adventures using FB paper in a CPP-2 Processor. JOBO rec ommends against this due to potential paper denting and marking problems from th e ridges in the drums; see thread: http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch- msg.tcl?msg_id=005PED.

I tried the 2800 series drum with the ridges and did both one-at-a-time and two- at-a-time 8x10 prints. I used large volumes of 400cc and 500cc of my fluids beca use I like to use batches of fluids and not mess with the fuss of measureing out multiple single shots. I consider the tank simply an enclosed rotating tray. To my GREAT RELIEF there was no damage to the paper that I could detect from eithe r the shallow ridges or the tall ridges. JOBO and others had suggested that ther e would be imprints from these on the paper that I would not be able to remove. I was using Kodak polymax FB fineart DW paper. When I looked down the tube after processing, but before removing the sheets, I did notice that where the sheets went over a tall ridge for just about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom, the pap er seemed to buckle out (bulge), but I assume that because I was using enough fl uid, there was no trouble covering this. Also at first I thought that maybe the paper had been somehow stretched in this location, but as soon as I put it in th e water holding tray, it flattened completely and has dried square. I did have 1 print out of 11 that DID seem to have impressions from every one of the low rid ges, but again when placed in the holding water bath, it flattend out. Why just this one print had the impressions I have no idea.

I will post again when I test 11x14 and 16x20 in the 2800 series drums, but I su spect that with the use of DW FB paper, it will be OK. (Maybe JOBO is worried ab out people using Single Weight paper which might dent.) I will also try Ilford D W to be sure that works as well...

As far as the 1526 drum is concerned, that still is NOT working. This is the JOB O rotary film tube for multiple reels of 35mm film that is also touted as being a great tube for one 8x10 print. However to make the tube the right size for the 8x10 print, you put together 2 tubes. Where the tubes connect there is a very d eep trough running circumferentially about half way down the combined tube. This has made an indelible impression and development streak on every print I have d one. Several of you had ideas to solve this in the last thread. I tried the plas tic mesh used for craft yarn projects and it fit beautifully in the drum like it was manufactured for it. The idea was to support the paper so that it would not sink into the trough. Well there were no dents this time but the delopment show ed dark circumferential lines where the trough was and others as well. So thus f ar, a flop. Before declaring this drum a failure for FB prints I will use higher quantities of fluid to see if all of this is due to lack of coverage. For that drum I was still using sinlge shot small quantities and I suspect that may be so me of the problem.

Several of you had asked for me to keep posting my results because you too were about to or were interested in doing FB prints in a JOBO for a variety of reason s. I hope this is helpful and I for one am very relived that it looks like it is going to be possible since I bought the machine with this intention...