View Full Version : Sch. Symmar S 210

Shigehiro Ishii
19-Oct-1998, 03:53
I'm looking for a lens shorter than 240mm for my 8x10. Sch. Symmar-S 210mm f/5.6 covers 8x10 ? I have a 150mm and a 240mm and want to have lens in between focal length. I don't want to spend much and need a rather smal l and light lens. Please advise me.

Sergio Ortega
19-Oct-1998, 09:57
Shigehiro, The 210mm Symmar-S will not cover 8x10. I understand the older Schn eider 210mm (non-Super) Angulons will cover 8x10, and are considerably less expe nsive than the current SA version.

I also have a friend who uses a 190mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar for 8x10 with succe ss. These WF Ektars cna be found for very little money. Hope this helps, Sergi o.