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17-Dec-2008, 06:53
Well, after bugging people for weeks over large format options, I finally bought a crown graphic. Now comes the endless questions regarding this lens or that.
You'll all be sorry you were ever nice to me. :p

First...is there some good source for coverage information for lenses? Must I come here each time or google like mad to find out if a lens will work well on 4x5 and give me a little room for movements?

Second...I read a great deal about the 90mm f8 Super Angulon. How about the 75mm f8 Super Angulon? Does it merit some of the good family reputation?

Thanks all.

MIke Sherck
17-Dec-2008, 07:02
Look at the lens charts on the main page: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/

There's a seperate link for older lenses.

You can download them to your computer, smartphone, PDA, etc. and have them with you wherever you go!


17-Dec-2008, 07:10
Thanks very much Mike.
That's pretty darn handy.

17-Dec-2008, 08:31
For information specific to Schneider lenses look at their website.


There is information about many out-of-production Schneider lenses available under "Vintage Lens Data" from the "Info" tab on that page.

You will want to make sure that you can focus a 75mm lens on your Crown Graphic. I expect that a significantly recessed lens board will be required. That would be pretty awkward to use and perhaps hard to find.

17-Dec-2008, 08:51
A 75mm on a Crown Graphic may have trouble in that even with the bed dropped, it might still be the photo...but it might be fine.


I just checked (via Google) an on-line Crown Graphic manual and it mentions that people might want to try a 65mm lens...so a 75mm might work.

Besides Google, you might want to use the search feature on this forum. It is rare that a new line of questions are asked these days.


eric black
17-Dec-2008, 09:33
You'll all be sorry you were ever nice to me. :p

We may end up being sorry, but your wallet will end up being quite a bit lighter.

As for any lens/camera combo that requires a recessed board- Id take a pass. There is just no room for fingers in those situations

17-Dec-2008, 09:53
It's a press camera. How much movements are you expecting? Pretzels like moves?

Len Middleton
17-Dec-2008, 10:16
In the discussions on using a 65mm lens do they mention whether they are using sheet or a roll film back?

I know when using the 75 f8 SA on my Technika IV in the vertical format you did want to watch for the end of the bed. Front rise was often used so that eliminated that problem.

Hope that helps,


17-Dec-2008, 10:28
Try here too
Then go to the articles about lenses, FAQs etc

17-Dec-2008, 10:29

No mention of sheet or roll back. Also the manual covers the 2x3, 3x4 and the 4x5 Crown Graphics...and no distinction was made between those models in reference to the 65mm. I would say that the note about using a 65mm should be taken with a grain of salt.

Dazed...I would first try a 90mm before even considering a 75mm. Most folks here will agree that comparisons between what focal lengths one uses with 35mm and their equivilent on 4x5's should not be made solely by the numbers. Lf is a different beast altogether.


Joseph O'Neil
17-Dec-2008, 12:14
Stick with the 90mm, F8 - you'll love it. Easy to use, plenty of room for movements on your camera, and that 90mm covers a lot.

good luck
(Crown Graphic Owner - amoung others. :) )

neil poulsen
17-Dec-2008, 12:22
You might want to consider the f5.6 eventually on a 75mm. While it's more expensive, it allows greater movement. I had an f8 that was pretty limiting.

Glenn Thoreson
17-Dec-2008, 12:37
There is no such thing as a recessed lens board for Crown/Speed Graphics.

17-Dec-2008, 12:50
I use a 65 Super Angulon on my 4X5 Crown, Don't forget to drop the bed fully.
movements? forget about movements.

A great choice for a 90mm is the f6.3 Angulon...Super small,& affordable.
The camera won't close with my 90mm f8 Nikkor.
David Silva

17-Dec-2008, 15:38
A great choice for a 90mm is the f6.3 Angulon...Super small,& affordable.
The camera won't close with my 90mm f8 Nikkor.
David Silva

I'll second David on the f6.3/90 Angulon. Nice lens on a Crown.

17-Dec-2008, 15:53
Any room for movements with a 90?

17-Dec-2008, 15:58
How about:FUJI FUJINON SWD 90mm F5.6?
And Fuji lenses in general. They seem to be on the less expensive end of the modern lenses.

eric black
17-Dec-2008, 16:08
I cant speak speciically for the 90mm but I own a 180A, 450C and 600C and they are awesome lenses- Im very pleased with the quality of images I get from them- if you are thinking of a 90mm lens though the Nikkor 90mm f8 is very highly rated and Ive seen them going for a shade over $400 lately which is an awesome price for that nice a piece of glass.

Gene McCluney
17-Dec-2008, 20:33
The 65mm f8 Super-Angulon works just fine on a Crown graphic with a dropped bed. The lens illumination drops off towards the edge, but you can dodge and burn to get the image density equal when you scan or darkroom print.