View Full Version : I broke my focusing screem!

Rodrigo Ghessa Tostes Malta
23-Jul-2001, 15:32
I just broke the focusing screem of my Linhof Technika III while I was trying to clean it ( yes, I know...). I saw that BH sells replacement screens but Bob Sal omon recently answered someone that it will not fit the III. Any idea for a repl acement part? Can I adapt the new Linhof glass? Is it possible to just use a nor mal glass jet-sanded and cut to fit the camera? Thank you all!

Josh Root
23-Jul-2001, 23:21
Sorry to piggyback on your question, but I have the same problem with my Crown Graphic. Little help anyone?

pat krentz
24-Jul-2001, 01:32
There was an article in one of the issues of View Camera that told how to make your own which would be a little more labor intensive but a lot cheaper. Pat

Scott Walton
24-Jul-2001, 14:13
Beattie screens will fit and are alot brighter. Maxwell screens are made for your camera also and somewhere in the archives is his phone. They (Maxwell) are apparently brighter and finer ... and less expensive but I don't have one, I use Beatties in all my cameras. www.intenscreen.com I think for Beatties

David Vickery
25-Jul-2001, 02:52
Why not go to the hardware store and buy a 4x5 piece of Lexan, and use sandpaper on one side(or sand blast). You would never be able to break that stuff. I'm using it on all of my cameras. No problems.

andrea milano
2-Aug-2001, 03:14
Bosscreen-Stabilix, as I mentioned time and time again, many previously entries on this forum good luck