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15-Dec-2008, 03:52
I got a 8x10 Cambo Back (SC, maybe?) a while ago,
but only just now got the glass and a fresnel-

The fresnel I got off ebay,
and to my complete shock it's exactly the right size,
though thicker than I expected-

Since I never had the glass originally,
I'm wondering if it might have been supplied with a fresnel fitted?

Looks like I've got to do some testing-


David Karp
15-Dec-2008, 12:43
I have had two similar 4x5 Cambo cameras. Both came with a standard groundglass, no Fresnel. Not conclusive, but my guess is that the 8x10 did not include the Fresnel originally.

Try placing the Fresnel over the GG (closest to you). It might work great. I sometimes do that with an extra Fresnel I have when my 4x5 GG is really dark.

15-Dec-2008, 13:58
Thanks David-
will try that-

I've seen pictures of them without the fresnel;
none with-

thanks again-


David Karp
15-Dec-2008, 14:25
The more I think about it, the more certain that I am that the standard Cambo Fresnel pops on the the outside of the GG (the surface closest to the photographer.

Alan Davenport
15-Dec-2008, 18:26
Yup, Cambos normally don't have a fresnel in the system, so if you add one it has to be on the outside. Place the fresnel against the back of the groundglass, with the ridged surface of the fresnel against the glass. That will serve to protect the delicate fresnel surface from abusive things (like photographers.)

15-Dec-2008, 18:31
Thanks David and Alan-
I've tried that seems to work fine-

Doesn't look too pretty though-
will have to get a better looking fresnel now-

Thanks again-
saved me a lot of shimming and measuring...