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14-Dec-2008, 18:13
I've been looking at older 135mm symmars (linhof shuttered one).

Would these cover 4x5 or are they from the 6x9 technicas?

Not overly bothered about movements.

14-Dec-2008, 18:28
Should cover 4x5. Schneider's "Vintage Lens Data" page says 190mm @ f16.

14-Dec-2008, 18:49
It covers 4x5 fine...not much room for movements but, adequate coverage. Of course, you can always move the back (tilt & swing) and stay within the image circle.

I have two...my most used lens in the field.

Ole Tjugen
15-Dec-2008, 00:02
The 135mm Symmar is a very nice and useful little lens: First of all, it's in a #0 shutter - smaller than the #1 that the 150mm Symmar is in.

Second, if you ever need to get very close to small things, simply swapping the two lens cells gives you a lens that's optimised for 3:1 and should give decent results all the way from 1:1 to 10:1!

15-Dec-2008, 08:52
thanks a lot guys. Looks like I know what is on my shopping list.

Just out of interest what would this be like in a head to head with a Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm for quality?

Frank Petronio
15-Dec-2008, 08:57

Dan Fromm
15-Dec-2008, 10:35
indistinguishableFrom what, Frank?