View Full Version : Fuji TONE Gaslight contact printing paper

14-Dec-2008, 13:09
Anyone have any information about this?

Oren Grad
14-Dec-2008, 13:14

Merg Ross
14-Dec-2008, 13:14
Anyone have any information about this?

It is an RC paper. Where did you hear/read about it?

14-Dec-2008, 17:06
I haven't heard of that one but I know a couple LF members who've printed on fuji's Rembrant paper recently.

Eric Rose
14-Dec-2008, 18:59
$140cad for 100 sheets of 8x10 isn't bad. Might be worth getting some and giving it a whirl.

Michael Kadillak
16-Dec-2008, 22:12
About every six months or so someone brings up this paper in a discussion hoping that it is a solution to a quality contact printing paper.

Unfortunately, I believe that this product is a RC coated proofing paper at best.