View Full Version : Kodak Portra 160 NC 12x20!

14-Dec-2008, 10:32
I did notice when searching for film earlier that B&H had an option to special order Kodak Portra 160NC in 12x20 size!

Where are you going to get that developed?! Madness..

Beautiful contacts I bet... Maybe even good for 11x14 users to cut down too..

Oren Grad
14-Dec-2008, 12:08
Where are you going to get that developed?!

Jobo. But at $33 a sheet, just don't send me the bill for the initial debugging. ;)

14-Dec-2008, 12:30
Oren, good point! :-)

14-Dec-2008, 14:40
There are a few labs that can handle processing 12x20.
Some labs have custom made racks for there D&D and other will wrap the sheet around a rack and process it that way.
Lightwaves participated in the last large order for 12x20 and they have the 12x20 racks to hold the film properly.

14-Dec-2008, 15:07
Amazing. I dont have access to a 12x20 camera, nor will i in the near future (most likely), but i would love to see a 12x20 color contact print in person.

Oren Grad
14-Dec-2008, 17:35
If I recall correctly, Tedd Soost in Sweden was involved in a special order for 12x20 Portra not all that long ago. It would be interesting to see what he's done with it.

14-Dec-2008, 18:05
I'd love to shoot on ULF.. not justifiable at the moment.. can't wait to shoot some 10x8 b&w over christmas tho! glad to get away from uni for a while!

David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2008, 19:55
I've seen a 20x24" rack for a Refrema dip and dunk processor that holds the film flat like any other sheet film format, so it's possible. If there are clips in the right places, the same rack could do 12x20 or 8x20, I suppose. If the client is big enough, they might be able to convince a lab with a big enough dip and dunk machine to order custom racks.

David Vickery
18-Dec-2008, 09:17
Lots of labs had roller transport processors (the alternative to dip and dunk) that would easily handle any film size up to the nominal width of the machine. So 12x20 would not have been a problem for most any commercial color lab with roller transport machines. But like Oren said--"Jobo". If you can afford the film, but can't find a lab, then you certainly could afford a Jobo.