View Full Version : where to get darkroom supplies?

Jon Paul
21-Jul-2001, 21:45
Where are good places to order chemicals, etc, for a black and white darkroom? I live in the mountains in Northern California and don't have local stores carryi ng these things.

Thanks- Jon

Sandy Sorlien
21-Jul-2001, 23:17
www.freestylesales.com --- they are located in California, good prices, carry lots of stuff. Recently I was traveling in California and needed some film shipped to my motel, and they got it there in two days standard shipping.

22-Jul-2001, 00:50
Jon and Sandy,

The correct URL for Freestyle is http://www.freestylesalesco.com Like Sandy, I recomend them highly.

Chad Jarvis
22-Jul-2001, 07:06
Depending on the type of work you do, you might also try Bostick & Sullivan (http://www.bostick-sullivan.com) or Photographer's Formulary (http://www.photoformulary.com).

22-Jul-2001, 23:40
B&H used to get my film, paper and chemical business. But since they cant ship chemicals anymore and they seem intent on doing absolutely nothing about it, I usually buy my consumables from Freestyle or Calumet.

Charlie Stracl
23-Jul-2001, 16:20
I live in SF bay area, and buy from Freestyle at times. Very fast service in the state.

Calumet is reputable, and I've used Adorama, too. Adorama is usually cheaper than Calumet or Freestyle, since you don't pay sales tax with Adorama.

Photographer's formulary is good for out-of-the-ordinary products, and raw chemicals.

Lowell Huff
24-May-2002, 14:00
You can get a complete line of Clayton dark room products at Freestyle.

John Kasaian
25-May-2002, 00:50
I agree that Freestyle is an excellent source, especially for Arista film. If you like Ilford, you'll probably love Arista. There is an excellent camera store in Sacramento: Pardee's Cameras stocks chemicals, paper, etc...if you're in the area. Very nice and knowledgeable people there who understand LF. Calumet often has some good deals in their flyers and thats one piece of "junk" mail I look foreward to. I have had very good luck with B & H in New York. very good prices and no California sales tax but check their website first as some items are not in stock, and I personally don't like to get into a "back order" situation. Photographer's Formulary in Montana is another supplier I've had good experiences with, especially for the more funky chemicals. Cheers!