View Full Version : Nikkor APO 610mm

Dave Benfer
22-Jul-2001, 17:16
Does anyone have experiance with Nikkor APO f9 process lenses with LF photograph y, Do these lenses perform at infinity? Are there major focus problem around th e edges. Will the 610mm cover 8X10, I found an example on SK Grimes's website s howing several different focal lengths (up to the 760mm) mounted in shutter. If anyone has one of these lenses please let me know.

Thanks Dave

Pete Andrews
23-Jul-2001, 05:43
A 610mm Apo-Nikkor process lens will cover 20x16!Do you know the size and weight of one of those babies? I passed up buying one because I knew I'd never be able to use it. Get your camera reinforced.

mike rosenlof
23-Jul-2001, 11:48
I have a 360mm. It does very nicely at infinity. On my Arca, I can't use it any closer than about 15 feet, maybe 20.

Rob Tucher
24-Jul-2001, 19:54
I have the 600mm Apo and it is stunning! I use it as a telephoto for 4x5 and 5x7, and on larger cameraswhen appropriate. I just did a shot from a bridge of a building that I was assigned. It was the only vantage point to get the shot, but was 1/4 mile away. I shot in 5x7 with two bellows, an extra standard, two rails, a Sinar shutter, and two tripods. The shot is tack sharp and contrasty. Love it! I'm looking for the 760mm now.