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11-Dec-2008, 11:51
Does someone make a very short cable release - short enough to be more like a shutter button then a cable? I have a handheld camera and don't want to fumble with a normal length cable or trip the shutter via the lever on the shutter.
Kind of like a shutter button for a large format shutter lens.

Oren Grad
11-Dec-2008, 12:24
Alpa offers a shutter button attachment with the helicoid-mounted lenses for its Alpa 12-series cameras. But last I checked they didn't sell it separately, and I've not yet found another source.

I'd be interested too if someone can figure out where to get these.

kv nguyen
11-Dec-2008, 13:22
i will be another looking for it. I try to get it for my custom 6x9 graflex

11-Dec-2008, 13:29
Rollei made one for the Rolleicord. They turn up on ebay occasionally.

11-Dec-2008, 16:03
how about a soft release or mini soft release ?
they are sold for leicas and other RFs .. and work very well.

11-Dec-2008, 16:28
This is what I was refering to - the silver thing that screws into the cable release in the 5 o'clock position relative to the taking lens (to get this one you might have to buy the whole camera... probably not a great investment!):


Bob Salomon
11-Dec-2008, 16:30
Gepe has three 6" cable releases. One with no lock, one with a "T" lock and one with a Zeiss disk lock. They should be the shortest cable releases currently available.

Oren Grad
11-Dec-2008, 17:22
If you go here...


...and click on one of the detail pictures of the Alpa 12 TC you can get a good look at the Alpa shutter release widget.

11-Dec-2008, 17:44
Check out the Softreleases here: http://rapidwinder.com/. I don't think this will work for a LF lens, but they're good for other cameras. If you do get one, Tom and Tuulikki are great folks to work with.

Thanks for the link Oren... Now I have to mortgage my soul for an Alpa!

11-Dec-2008, 18:23
Check out the Softreleases here: http://rapidwinder.com/. I don't think this will work for a LF lens, but they're good for other cameras.

maybe with a gepe cable release adapter
(the kind that one can use for a recessed lensboard)
screw the soft release into IT, and
and secure the adapter to the lensboard with a piece of gaffer/masking tape
might work ...

11-Dec-2008, 19:51
The little button release that comes with the Alpa camera would be perfect if one could buy it.
This is what I had in mind but hope someone else finds one by itself.