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mario abba
7-Jun-2001, 10:56

I know that this question will sound really banal to most of you and I'm sorry ( but please understand, I'm really new to large format equipment):

I got my first LF lens (symmar s-mc 210mm), which is in a copal 1 shutter. When I set the f-stop there is no intermediary clicks as I?m used to other format len ses, it has to be positioned manually and visually at the desired settings witho ut the help of the click-stops. But what about precision? Is it supposed to be like that or is it defective?

Thank you.

Michael S. Briggs
7-Jun-2001, 11:55
Copal shutters don't have click stops so nothing is wrong with your shutter. Po sitioning the aperture setting level opposite the desired mark is plenty precise .

I understand that Compur shutters have click stops. This feature has persuaded few photographers to pay the higher price.

Dominique Labrosse
7-Jun-2001, 17:23
It must be the newer Compurs that have click stops, as my early 70's vintage Synchro Compur is without them.


Kevin Crisp
7-Jun-2001, 18:32
Mario, there should be little hash marks at 1/3'd stop intervals between the full f stops. You are free to set the aperture anywhere in between, or on the marks, which in a way is more precise than lenses with click stops that cause the setting to go one way or the other into one of the clicks.