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Big Fish
10-Dec-2008, 11:28

I am printing high quality large format BW prints to be sepia-toned using the Advanced BW feature on Epson 9880 printer in PSCS2. Let's say I'm using Museo Silverag. I'll go through the steps and ask the question.

The root of question is how to use IIC profiles from paper manufacturer or custom ICC when printing BW sepia toning and also Color.

1. In File, Print Preview I select my position and scaled print size.OK
2. In More Options, should I choose Output or Color Management.
3. In Print, I choose Document.
4. In Options, Color Handling should I select,Let PS Control the colors or No color management. Should Black point be on/off?
5. Rendering, Perceptual or colorimatic.
Page Step UP, OK
6. Printer, OK
7. Printer Properties, Select Settings, should be what?
8. Media Type: Museo suggests Pre. Luster for Silver rag IIC.
9. Color: Adv. BW, no color mgt???THis chnages if I want to use
Print Quality Options to fine tune sepia toning. Should high speed be one(doesn't matter to me...I want quality), should Edge smoothing be one, should finest detail be on?
10. In Mode, Adv. BW or need color controls for fine tuning. Should Highpoint shift be off/on?
Paper Settings, OK.

Many apppreciations for assistance.


Big Fish

10-Dec-2008, 12:47

I am printing high quality large format BW prints to be sepia-toned using the Advanced BW feature on Epson 9880 printer in PSCS2.
Big Fish

One thing I've come across is that you'll need a separate profile for ABW on the K3 printers because the printer does not use its entire inkset when printing ABW prints.


If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a section on "how do I build profiles for B&W printing". This article specifically deals with the 3800, but the idea should be the same through all of the K3 printers.

Alot of your other questions are specifically dependent on the type of paper your are using. The paper manufacturer will usually recommend a particular Epson paper type setting. The paper type setting provides the strategy for laying down ink on paper. The profile for lack of a better term translates between your working space and the space for the paper on the given paper type. If Museo recommend Premium Luster for that paper, then Premium Luster's ink strategy alligns well with the ink consumption of your paper.

Jeffrey Sipress
10-Dec-2008, 14:30
I never use profiles to print BW on my 4800. Why use them, when they are for color correction? I set it to default or generic grayscale profile or whatever it's called. In Advanced BW settings, select sepia and adjust it from there using the circle of color. No need to use color controls, and of course, they are not available to you in ABW mode.

Big Fish
10-Dec-2008, 20:24
Jeffrey....Great photos on your site ...thanks for the inspiration.

Problem is, in ABW, your stuck with "sepia" dark or darker which, for my eye is not suitable for the desired print. How do you recommend controling/detailing sepia toning.

Many appreciations.


Big Fish

Andrew O'Neill
10-Dec-2008, 23:48
Shouldn't this be in the digital processing section?

11-Dec-2008, 08:55
I dont think you can sepia tone ink jet prints. Did you mean you want to print them in a light brown/sepia-type color?

Tyler Boley
11-Dec-2008, 10:57
There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the use of icc profiles here, they are generally not for the ABW driver unless explicitly stated to be so, in which case they will then not be for use with color driver settings, or color at all.
The EXACT driver settings provided by whoever built the profile are the only ones relevant. If none are given I would be suspect of it's creation and use anyway.
I see much talk of Eric Chan's profiles, and from what I gather some are made specifically for the ABW settings, that's the correct approach, and he comes highly recommended.

Big Fish
11-Dec-2008, 13:38

Thanks for input. I appreciate it. Maybe there is a misunderstanding as I am not proficient in PS-Epson printer. My understanding is that the paper manufacturer profiles, this case Museo Silverag, specifically directs specific criteria such the amount of ink distributed on the paper. Being this is a sepia-toned, that is, color oriented print, that I should be able to manipulate the colors( sepa) in the custom settings. should apply in ABW.

Again, thanks.

Big Fish

Jeffrey Sipress
11-Dec-2008, 16:00
In ABW mode, choose sepia and a window should appear that gives you a color wheel to pick your desired tint. Perhaps your driver is not current? I've had it for years.....

Tyler Boley
11-Dec-2008, 18:02
The profile controls the RGB numbers that go from photoshop to the driver, or that is to say, manipulates them. But it is only relevant to the specific driver settings for which the profile was made, and I'd put money on it not having been made for ABW mode, but for color settings. Look on their website and see if there are specific instructions for the use of the profile, maybe a pdf.

Big Fish
11-Dec-2008, 22:00
Jeffrey and Tyler...

Thanks again. I will check and report back.

Big Fish

12-Dec-2008, 07:43
This really should not be in the "darkroom" section