View Full Version : 135mm f3.5 Xenar, any information?

10-Dec-2008, 11:24
I acquired this 135mm f3.5 xenar in barrel, but it has no aperture at all, it's coated and what i know these f3.5 xenars are pretty rare due to schneider stopping manufacturing them in the favor of f3.5 xenotars. I have and older 150mm f3.5 uncoated xenar allso, but it's clearly older and in brass barrel.

There is an aperture ring with no markings, and no blades.

What i'm interested to know is, can i mount the lens cells on some standard sized shutter?

10-Dec-2008, 12:41
There was a post mentioning these lenses a few days ago on APUG. I think someone had one.

The Xenar's were also used for some type of projection purpose where no diaphram was required.


11-Dec-2008, 02:48
There were also 135mm Xenars f/3.8 in shutter. I have seen a few on ebay.

BR, Jakub

André Michaud
11-Dec-2008, 03:21
Linhoff sold Xenar 135 f /3.8 in the 50's and it was mounted in a Compur shutter