View Full Version : 1920's Cooke 20 inch Series VIII Telephoto Lens

10-Dec-2008, 05:33
Hi. I require some assistance please. Would anyone know what a 1920's English made Cooke Series VIII Telephoto Anastigmat 20 inch (508mm) f5.6 is worth? According to the Cooke website it was used to document the Mt. Everest expeditions in 1922 and 1924. Any help on it's value would be appreciated. Thanks, Damien.

10-Dec-2008, 06:31
Damien, Cooke lenses were quite common in the UK, they often sell on ebay but prices can vary quite markedly. It really comes down to the condition of the lens, if it's in a shutter, what format it covers etc.

MW Classics (http://www.mwclassic.com) in the UK sometimes have Cooke lenses for sale. Their prices are a good guide.