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9-Dec-2008, 14:07
has anyone seen efficiency reports on available print washers? i'd especially like to see a comparative series of HT-2 tests on them.

what appears to be available are gravity works, summitek, ecowash (cachet), and calumet. i need a 20x24 washer, and i want to buy a stand-up unit to save space and reduce print stress during washing. i'm not concerned with low water flow, effective temperature of the water, or any other way to cut costs (a trash can with a hose is right out!) -- i'm just want to have my prints wash as effectively as possible without having to continually spray air bubbles from them.

any suggestions? ideas? thanks!


Michael Jones
9-Dec-2008, 14:27
Summitek ceased operations last year.


Curt Palm
9-Dec-2008, 14:37
Alistair Inglis who makes a pin register systems also makes an archival washer i believe it is called the cross-jet. He is located in British Columbia, Canada

Allen in Montreal
9-Dec-2008, 16:37

i want to buy a stand-up unit to save space......
i'm not concerned with low water flow........

You should be concerned with low water flow rates!

The cachet is a good washer, and it has a low flow rate.
At the time I bought mine it was amongst the best showing unit after HT-2 tests,
and, It is has a low flow rate!
Good results, soft foot print.

9-Dec-2008, 18:34
I have a Summitek 20x24 which works well. Versalab, Nova, and Silverprint make archival washers too. They are expensive enough that I doubt anyone has several different types to do a test.

11-Dec-2008, 11:13
allen -- yes, water flow is a good thing! what i meant is that too many photographers look at it from the standpoint of pinching pennies -- i know someone up north who doesn't like to print in winter because he has to pay to heat water so he can wash at 70 degrees -- much less the higher, recommended temperatures!

thanks everyone for chiming in; it's much appreciated.

Renato Tonelli
11-Dec-2008, 20:08
I have the Calumet 20x24; I don't remember who makes it for them. Works well (tested it). It is BIG.

14-Dec-2008, 09:55
thanks curt -- i'll give him a look. options are sadly few...

14-Dec-2008, 09:57
> Works well (tested it).

good to know! thanks much; i'm grateful for the feedback!