View Full Version : Sinar Norma 4x5/5x7

robert lyons
21-Jul-2001, 00:59
Hi i am wondering about availability of various parts and bellows for these older N orma cameras? also, a comparison of their respective weight (w/o lenses).i had a norma years ago and sold it and i am interested in lf again especially 5x7(or 1 3x18cm) as i use a linhof tk23 for much of my work. i prefer the ratio of 5x7 ov er 4x5 but realize fim options are limited; also there are times when 4x5 is mor e preferable for client work. i am also open to other suggestions for 5x7 and would welcome anyone's experienc e with arca swiss. i saw the discovery and it seems like a wonderful cmaera for field/studio. i had an ebony and as beautiful as it was it was too complicated to set-up and t ake down. my hope is to be able to have a comra on tripod, and be able to make a n image in about 35060 seconds,composing and then film loading etc. thanks for y our comments.

Ellis Vener
21-Jul-2001, 04:30
the bellows should be interchangable/replacable with current Sinar bellows, so should the monorail and tripod mount. I'm pretty surethat goes forthe groundglass /frame assembly as well. You can contat Sinar at http://www.sinarbron.com for more info.