View Full Version : 90/5,6 super angulon MC vs 100/5,6 apo symmar ?

6-Jun-2001, 08:00
90/5,6 super angulon MC vs 100/5,6 apo symmar ? Message: shooting landscapes on slides with a 6x7 or 6x9 back on a linhof techV : is the 90/5,6 super angulon MC (i've got it) very inferior to a 100/5,6 apo symm ar?

paul owen
6-Jun-2001, 09:22
dg, Stick with the 90mm as long as you're happy with the results, why change. The 100 apo-symmar is an excellent lens for medium format but the 90 will offer much greater movements, although I've never used one they are a very popular choice for a "wide" lens. Regards P

neil poulsen
6-Jun-2001, 09:30
While I think the 100mm apo-symmar is sharper, I've used the 90mm f5.6 S.A. for 6x9 and have been pleased with the results. I thought they were quite sharp, although I didn't enlarge above 8x10.

For me, the issue isn't performance so much as it's weight. The 90mm is a pretty good sized lens for 6x9.