View Full Version : Haze with B+W polarizer?

7-Dec-2008, 03:53
Hi all, just bought a slim cir-pol B+W filter and took a couple of test shots with my 75mm Rodenstock lens. Instead of the sharp, reduced glare I was expecting, my shots look washed out and dull, almost like the filter has added, rather than removed, a haze. When looking through it next to a cheaper old polarizer I had in my bag the old nasty one actually looks clearer. Given B+W are supposed to be top shelf, is it possible I"ve got a dud, or am I missing something here?

Arne Croell
7-Dec-2008, 04:50
Did you try to clean the surfaces? It is possible that same haze from plasticizers in the container formed on the surfaces during long storage. If that does not help, the filter probably does have a problem. I have B+W polarizers in several sizes as well as 2 other brands and they are all equally clear.

Brian Ellis
7-Dec-2008, 09:53
I have a B+W slim circular polarizer. It works fine (I also have Tiffen and Hoya circular polarizers and they work fine too). You should give your polarizer a good cleaning and see what happens. While I don't think B+Ws filters are any better than other reputable brand, I don't think they're worse so I'd be surprised if there's a problem with yours that a good cleaning won't fix.

Greg Lockrey
7-Dec-2008, 21:52
I purchased a B+W circular polarizer some time ago that had the polar film all crinkled up in between the glass. Even the "top of the line" has some lemons that gets past the QC department.