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20-Jul-2001, 02:29
Hello, again

I''l go to Germany next month , Did any one know about "Linhof master" price ?.. Buy from here( USA) more or less than in Germany (the new one)? How much differ ant?

Thank you Linhof Lover

Thomas Vaehrmann
20-Jul-2001, 03:25
Hi from Germany,

I don't know the actual prices in the USA, but here it will cost about 8000 Marks or say 4000 $. Check out http://www.monochrom.com/MonoC/asp/main.asp for regular LF-prices in Germany. Use their menu and go to Kamera-Hersteller-Linhof or whatever (lenses and other cameras) you want.

Bob Salomon
20-Jul-2001, 05:37
About the same price as in the US but without the 5 year US warranty and tech support.

Bob Salomon
20-Jul-2001, 05:38
About the same as in the U>S> but without the 5 year U.S, warranty and service.

Erik The Viking
20-Jul-2001, 13:14
I've received a quote of DM6680 from Mr Jurgen Uhl of www.foto-hobby.de in Frankfurt for the MT2000. The warranty is only good in Germany of course. The MT2000 is a really well-constructed light-tight box with nothing to worry about in terms of service really unless it meets with a mishap. Besides, it does not cost that much to mail it back to the German factory for service. Badger Graphics in Wisconsin sells it for about US$3695 if I am not mistaken.

Bob Salomon
20-Jul-2001, 14:16
Can Badger deliver at that price?

Did you add duty and shipping and insurance?

You will find that dealers in the US selling non gray can come very close to your prices. You just need to ask.

Try some dealers with the 2000 in stock like Ken Mar or Ken Hansen.

Erik The Viking
20-Jul-2001, 14:50
According to www.xe.com, DM6680 converts to about US$2977.19 today. You can expect to pay a little more than this over-the-counter a the bank. A quick look at BH Photo finds the USA MT 2000 priced at US$5395.95. (BH Photo also sells 'grey') Mr Varakan can decide for himself whether the 5-year USA warranty, service and technical support are worth at least a US$2000 premium. Even at the cost of US$400 for round trip shipping and insurance to and from Germany, that could buy Mr Varakan 5 repairs. Or to put it anyway, the price of an USA-authorised MT 2000 could buy Mr Varakan a Germany-authorised MT 2000 PLUS two round trip air tickets to Germany for Mr Varakan and his significant other. Of course with the latter Mr Varakan will not get the 5-year USA warranty, service and technical support.

I wonder which Mr Varakan would choose?

20-Jul-2001, 15:19
Bob, Yes we can deliver and save people alot of $$$$.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
20-Jul-2001, 20:21
I I have a Master Technika made 1976 (25 years old ) that I got as a swap against an 8x10" Deardorff (almost new but a camera that I never liked) with a litle additional payment . This was 7 years ago and the Technika that was then 18 years old neded no service and has not needed any yet except for a small drop of lubricant on the bed now an then. The swap happend in Germany of course!

20-Jul-2001, 22:12
You're overdue for a $400 bellows replacement.

Walter Glover
21-Jul-2001, 06:44
Bon Voyage Varakan,

I purchased a Linhof MT2000 just over a year ago and shopped around all global possibilities because we do not have a distributor here in Australia. My choice? Linhof & Studio Ltd. in London. Paula Pell-Johnson is the contact on +207 729 5734 or info@linhofstudio.co.uk and she beat any other price by a long margin.

It is best for her to export the equipment to you from a V.A.T. viewpoint - but even if you buy in London the V.A.T. will be refunded after a few weeks.

I use the camera with lenses from Apo-Grandagon 35mm (on 6x12) and 47mm through to 600mm Nikkor T on a Wista extension tube. After the bulk and weight of Sinar the Linhof is a dream. My principal application with it is Architecture for commercial and landscape/found objects for personalB&W.

Cheers ... Walter Glover