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5-Dec-2008, 20:57
Hi all! Okay I'll explain my situation and then get to the point...

I am a photo student at a university and we are required to use 4x5 cameras for a class that I'm in. The school provides the cameras but there are only about 5 of them. There are at least 3 classes that use the 4x5 cameras with about 15 people in each. So you can imagine the difficulty of getting a camera at a time that fits into your schedule...Our final projects are due next week and as of right now I have nothing. I tried to get a camera for the weekend but all of the ones that work were gone. So I had 2 options. 1. Fail the class and not turn in any final projects. or 2. Go out and buy a 4x5 camera...so i decided to buy the camera. After this year i wont have a dark room to use, so I'm going to sell the camera after I am done with my project...I would like to get around the same amount of money back that I spent on it, but I was wondering if that's possible...

I bought an Omega View 45D today for $249. The lens, a Schneider Kreuznach 1:5,6/210, was $259. It came with the lensboard and everything. If I were to sell this camera on craigslist or ebay, how much should I ask for it?
I don't know much about the pricing of large format cameras at all and don't want to lose any money or ask for too much for it. It's in great condition as well! Please let me know how much is a reasonable price to sell it for!! Thanks!

Brian Stein
6-Dec-2008, 13:50
Use the advanced search function on ebay looking for completed listings. Look at keh.com (they might also buy it from you). I suspect your $250 for the 45D was on the high side, but depending on which Schneider you may have done ok on the lens.

6-Dec-2008, 14:48
Why not keep the camera and continue to apply the skills you learned in your class?

You could continue to shoot B&W, have it processed commercially (or process the film yourself), and find someone who could assist you with printing.

Education does not come cheap, so to lose the skills (and may I say) the vision you have developed would be a waste. I encourage you to reconsider selling your gear.


6-Dec-2008, 17:22
well i would keep it and id love to but i used my student loans to buy the camera and my parents are bitching at me about it...

tim o'brien
6-Dec-2008, 20:05
well i would keep it and id love to but i used my student loans to buy the camera and my parents are bitching at me about it...

You tell your parents you need it for the next photo class you have. Then take a class in LF fotografy that keeps you from being a liar. Keep it, it's an amazing art form.

tim in san jose

6-Dec-2008, 23:32
Show your parents your work, at intervals, so that they can see how you have progressed. If they see that you are committed, productive, and continuing to learn, they will be more supportive.

You've already made a sizable investment, so, as Tim says; take another class and keep moving forward.


Jess C
10-Dec-2008, 17:55
I used to have a 45D many years ago. A decent intro monorail. Unless you are hurting for money I would keep it and use it. But maybe large format photography is not your bag. It's really up to you.