View Full Version : Can I use lenses on helical mounts on lensboards?

Craig Tuffin
5-Dec-2008, 04:41
I've got a Sinar Handy and four lenses I use with it. All four are mounted on helical mounts....a 45mm, 65mm, 90mm and 120mm. I've just purchased an Ebony RW45E and lensboards and need lenses for it. One of the reasons I got the Ebony is so I can use some longer lenses and manage perspective. However, I want to know whether I can mount the wider lenses I've got (not the 45mm....it's only used to make the 6x12 panos on my Handy with it's centre filter) onto boards without taking them off the helical mounts. If I remove them, apparently they need to be factory refitted to the helical mounts if I want to use them with the Handy later on.

I just want to make sure I don't spend money unnecessarily by owning too many lenses. Unfortunately I'm flying a little blind.

Any helpful info would be very much appreciated. Cheers,


5-Dec-2008, 06:54

You can attach the lenses in helical mount to the lensboard. That way you will have two ways of focusing "straight".

BR, Jakub

Craig Tuffin
5-Dec-2008, 14:26

Yeah, I realize now that I wont get any movements with the helical mounts on the lenses...thus the reason for them on the 'Handy' (no bellows).
Guess I'll be opening the wallet again for more lenses ;)

erie patsellis
5-Dec-2008, 15:27
Craig, if it were me, I'd find an inexpensive F1 or F2, and use that for in the field, no remounting neccesary.

Ivan J. Eberle
5-Dec-2008, 20:27
I take it that these helical mounts add a nominal amount of extension? You'd need to add that into your bellows factor when calculating close-ups. And you may not get to infinity with them mounted on a bellows if not on some deeply recessed board.
Changes the axis for tilts and swings, too.