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4-Dec-2008, 13:34
I recently purchased a Toko 5x4 Field camera, was just wondering about what lens boards I can use with this? From what I have read these cameras are similiar to some Wista field cameras. Anyone have any experience with the Toko? I will be using a 90mm lens with this, so I reckon I might need a recessed lens board. Any info would be useful. Thanks!

Michael Jones
4-Dec-2008, 16:16
It should be a "standard" Technika, Wista, etc., field camera board that most wooden folders use. I never needed a recessed board for my 90mm primarily because standard bellows are not flexible enough to allow significant movement. They (recessed boards) are generally a pain to use to view the lens settings and more expensive than flat boards. Good luck.


Eric Rose
4-Dec-2008, 19:32
Hey I had a Toko! Great little camera. I made my own lensboards out of very thin plywood I purchased at a hobby store. Spray painted them matt black. Worked great. Did not need a recessed lensboard with a 90mm.

5-Dec-2008, 02:41
Thanks for the info guys!

Jim Noel
5-Dec-2008, 10:29
Congrats! I have had my Toko since I bought it new many years ago. I don't think any one has made as good a field camera when everything is considered. Any board compatible with Technika will work.