View Full Version : Pre-exposure and expodisc

3-Dec-2008, 04:19

Can someone tell me if and how one might use an expodisc in making pre-exposed images?

Is it possible to use something else instead?

I'm thinking of a pre-exposure of -2.666 EV.



Chuck Pere
3-Dec-2008, 06:36
Disc instruction sheet is at:

I've used one for pre-exposure. Been awhile but I believe you would meter through the disc. Then take that reading and close the lens down 2 1/3 stops from it to get what you want. You can also try a piece of diffused plastic or glass. or a Styrofoam cup.

3-Dec-2008, 18:33
Hi Chuck,

I do like the Syrofoam cup idea! It occurs to me that sitting the half-dome of an exposure meter behind a flat disk is not going to get me the correct exposure. Thanks for the link too.


Jim Noel
5-Dec-2008, 10:30
Nothing works better than a styrofoam cup, and they are easy to find.