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2-Dec-2008, 22:09
I am new to this and I am selling some GOERZ lenses that have been mounted with shutters so I posted an ad locally for red dot artars 16 1/2 F:9.5 /TWO 19IN F:11 /24IN F:11/35IN F:12.5 and 47 1/2IN F:15. Well this guy emails me to say that I am asking too much I went by current and past ebay prices he said I am mistaking shutters for a diaphram and wants me to sell him the 16 1/2 the two 19IN and the 24IN for 400.00 can someone please advise I know they worth more than that I trust all of you with knowledge I don't have learning as I go thanks Kathi

Jan Pedersen
2-Dec-2008, 22:42
If the add was posted in SoCal then i have seen it and agree that prices are high. The 16.5" and the 19" normally sell for 150$ to 200$ each (In very good condition) but the longer focal length is a bit more rare and can sell for more. 500$ is way more than a 19" barrel RD Artar will sell for.
And you potential buyer is right, they are not mounted in shutters.
Hope this helps.


Tracy Storer
3-Dec-2008, 07:34
Kathyk, could you please clarify what shutters each of these lenses are in? That will help determine the value. If Jan is right, then the lenses are "in barrel" and the value will be less. Condition, condition, condition, is also always an issue.

gary alessi
3-Dec-2008, 15:14
the 400.00 for all 3 lenses is a bit low....if the 24 inch is a late serial # in an aluminum barrel, it will bring more tha 400.00 itself.....if a 79xxxxxxx , brass barrel, with flange...from 275.00 to 350.00 by itself.....the 100.00 to 200.00 for the 16 1/2...and the 19 inch each is not unreasonable....the 35...and 47 are a different deal.....to the right person they are very valuable.....but the market is very small, as you need quite a big camera to use those focal lengths......G

Jim Galli
3-Dec-2008, 18:25
KathiK, a lens in barrel is a lens with an iris in the middle, (or sometimes not even that). A lens in shutter has both an iris and a mechanically timed device with blades that open and close. Most Artars are in barrel. I think that is what you have. Shutters add a lot of value. Artar's in shutter go for about 2 1/2 times what they go for in barrel. The guy making the offer is low balling. $700 for the 4 would be a fair price I think. If you sold them one by one on Ebay I think you'd do better. Good photos are very important.

Struan Gray
4-Dec-2008, 01:00
You guys must be following a different set of auctions to me. I've been keeping an eye out for a coated lens longer than 600 mm, and none of the red dot Artars I have seen in those lengths have gone for less than $600. Over 40" the prices can be double or treble that, even in barrel.

A lot depends on condition, and prices halve if the lens lacks the red dot, but all the figures given here seem much too low. The acutions I have followed suggest that the shorter focal lengths are worth one to a few hundred dollars each depending on the condition. The 24, 35 and 47.5 inch versions are worth more.

Of course, the only way to tell for sure would be to put them up for auction and see who bites.

Jan Pedersen
4-Dec-2008, 07:11
Struan, RD Artar lenses was listed with a photo on the Palm Springs Craigslist.
The add may have expired by now.


Struan Gray
4-Dec-2008, 08:02
Thanks Jan. The listings seem to have gone now. Perhaps Kathi can post some pics here.

All I know is that even ratty red dots in the longer lengths are well beyond my curiosity budget.

John Schneider
4-Dec-2008, 09:41
FYI, Red Dot Apo Artars on eBay:
42", barrel:

35", barrel

30", barrel:

IMO these prices seem high (esp. the 30"), but obviously what do I know?

If they're in nice condition, I would put them on eBay for similar prices and see what you get.

Tracy Storer
5-Dec-2008, 07:45
Now that I think of it, I pretty easily sold my 35" RDA a year or so ago for $750.