View Full Version : Another 6x12 question

14-Oct-1998, 06:47
Is there a 6x12 roll film back that would fit a wisner 4x5? (i do not want to cr op a 4x5 sheet of film.)

14-Oct-1998, 06:53
SOrry forgo to mention, i am specifically looking at purchasing this camera and wanted to know if the 6x12 backs are specific to this brand of camera or if they are generics. I know mostly large format is generic but i am just playing it safe.

Sergio Ortega
14-Oct-1998, 09:33
Al, The Calumet C2N roll fim backs (in 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 formats) will/should f it the Wisner. I could be wrong, but I think Calumet discontinued the 6x12 vers ion. I've seen a few on the used market recently.

Good luck, Sergio.

Ellis Vener
14-Oct-1998, 13:54
I believe the Wisner has a graflock style back either as a standard feature or a s a modification. In which case Al I recommend to you the Horseman is the best b alance between costs (low end: calumet, high end: Sinar Vario.) it is also an ex cellent, professional tool. If Graflock is unavailible, You should go with the Sinar Vario or the "slide in" version of the Toyo. I have worked with a 6x7 sinar back. A very fine tool. As it should be for the cost.

Let me ask you a question: If this is a new camera, why a Wisner over a Canham?

Richard Stum / Kinesis
24-Oct-1998, 00:40
Do NOT buy the Calumet 6x12 roll film back (new or used). It has been discontinued for a reason--poor design. My studio partner (a commerical shooter) had one and finally returned it because it eat (literally) his 120 film. It shredded the edges.

Larry Gaskill
6-Dec-2000, 15:31
A professional photographer friend of mine had a Wisner and tried using the Calumet 6 X 12 roll film back and had significant problems with light leaks. They sent him another back and he still had the same problems.

Has anyone had a favorable experience with Horseman 6x12 backs or others Larry