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2-Dec-2008, 07:20
Has anyone done any business with Cliff Travis at all camera ?
He has a mint 165/405 xenar in a compur shutter for 65.00$ . Deal or no Deal?

Ole Tjugen
2-Dec-2008, 09:00
Do you mean 165mm f:4,5 Xenar?

Those haven't been produced for many decades - not since the "postcard plate" size (10x15cm) went out of fashion. Is it a dial-set Compur? Is it coated or uncoated?

If (as I would guess) it's an uncoated lens in a dial-set Compur, then the price is about right for an exceptionally nice one.

Pat Hilander
2-Dec-2008, 09:00
Sounds like a great deal to me!