View Full Version : Looking for a screw-in dial thermometer for thermostatic valve

Jim Simmons
2-Dec-2008, 02:10
Attached are 2 photos of a damaged dial thermometer that came with a thermostatic valve, but did not survive shipping. Can anybody recommend a supplier for a replacement thermometer? The dial measures 3"/75mm across. The screw thread is 3/4". The temperature sensor shaft is 2" long. I am in New Zealand, but can find nothing here. The valve came from the US, so I'm sure I'll have to find a US supplier. Or if you've just got one of these laying around not doing you any good...

Steve Wadlington
2-Dec-2008, 06:11
You should have an industrial supply source there. We use them in the oil industry and they are available in a wide range of temperature scales.

Neal Wydra
2-Dec-2008, 08:52
While I would be surprised if you can't find one locally, Omega is my usual source for this kind of thing.

Look here: http://www.omega.com/pptst/GL_HL_DIALTEMP.html

Neal Wydra

Keith Pitman
2-Dec-2008, 09:13
Powers sells thermostatic valves: http://www.powerscontrols.com/pages/products_browse.asp?catId=2218

I've gotten parts from: Precision Microproducts of America in US at 1-631-580-3456. Sorry, I could not find a website.

I have occasionally seen these thermometers on Ebay.

I don't believe the information Neal supplied was for a thermometer with a screw thread.

Steve Wadlington
2-Dec-2008, 20:28
This is an industrial supply house in the US. They have a web site and I have ordered numerous items from them. Online catalog PN 3946K11, 3"dial, 2.5" stem, you pick temperature range.



Jim Simmons
3-Dec-2008, 04:37
You're right, Keith, the thermometer I need must have a screw thread on the back. It appears that Steve's contact may work. Their screws are 1/2" only, and I need 3/4", but perhaps they will have a step-up/step-down adapter they can sell me.

I've not done an exhaustive research here, but my local lab can't recommend a supplier, and the largest plumbing supply place in my city of 400,000 (10% of the population of the whole country) couldn't recommend a NZ supplier. So I figured I'd start scratching for US suppliers. I'll try McMaster - thanks, Steve!

Colin Graham
3-Dec-2008, 06:38
On Neal's link if you look at the specs page PDF, they do have bushings with mounting threads available. Model J is available with a 3/4 NPT adapter....

Granted, it is $137...

Jim Simmons
3-Dec-2008, 17:43
Thanks, Colin. I did not see that link. Looks there are a few options. There are other choices closer to the $40 range, though. Both there and on the McMasters site. I'll have to do some more digging, but I'm getting closer!

Steve Wadlington
3-Dec-2008, 19:35
Are you sure you have 3/4" npt?

1/2" npt measures 0.840" in diameter.
3/4" npt measures 1.050" in diameter.

You can use a bushing if you need.


Jim Simmons
4-Dec-2008, 01:35
Wow, Steve, you're right, it is a 1/2" NPT sized thread. I googled that and found the complete specs, and my thermometer does match up. 14 threads per inch and .840" at the end of the tapered thread. The model # you suggested is perfect.