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19-Jul-2001, 01:08

I searched the archives but was unsuccessfull in getting the info I was looking for.

Does anybody have any information to share about this Fujinon 210W F5.6 lens ?? Is this a multi coated lens ?? How hefty is this lens ?? Sharpness wise, is this in par with the Nikkors/Rodenstock/Schneider lenses ??

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!

19-Jul-2001, 01:11
Sorry for the typo....I meant Fujinon 210W F5.6. Thanks again.

Bruce M. Herman
19-Jul-2001, 03:12

I have one of these lenses. I can't compare it to a 210 mm lens from one of the other brands, but compared to my other lenses, it is quite sharp. The only problem is that it more susceptable to flare than any of my other lenses, except for my Fuji 90 mm f5.6. Interestingly, it's quite sharp even at 1/2 life-size, too.

The lens that I have is multi-coated.

The lens is made with 6 elements in 5 groups. Image circle=300mm at f22. Shutter is copal 1. filter size=67 mm. Weight = 178 g. This is from Fuji's literature.

Hope that helps.


Jean-Marie Solichon
19-Jul-2001, 04:34
I recently bought a used Fujinon W 1:5.6/210 (serial n?488974) which is multicoated. It matches the sharpness of my 150mm Sironar S. Did'nt see flare problems since now. Weight of mine is 550g with Toyo board.

Scott Walton
19-Jul-2001, 09:25
Great lens!!! You'll love it. As for the weight, not that bad. I use it on my Linhof Tech III.

Michael S. Briggs
19-Jul-2001, 12:10
The Fujinon W 250 mm f5.6 is a plasmat design and weighs about the same as the similar offerings from Nikon, Rodenstock and Schneider. In general, Fujinon makes superb lenses and you won't regret using one.

Just this lens name isn't enough to tell whether the lens is multicoated. You will have to look at the lens. If you are talking to a seller without seeing the lens yourself, the style of the shutter and the lettering on the lens is a clue. This is all well explained by Kerry L. Thalmann on his webpages: see http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/ and http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/fujinon.htm

Jim Galli
19-Jul-2001, 13:26
This lens spans single coating and multi-coating eras without much difference in how it looks or what it says. It depends more on when it was made. I have a Fujinon W 180mm f5.6 that is single coated from about 1979 I think. If it is in the earliest style of Copal 1 shutter it is likely single coated.

20-Jul-2001, 01:12
Thanks for all the info on the lens.

Well, I did drive an hour to get a first hand look at the lens. What I found out was that the lens was single coated (there was only one color showing from light reflecting from the lens), sets in copa1 1 shutter, F5.6-64. Michael Briggs recommended an excellent site for Fujinon lenses (which gave me the single/multi coat test technique).

Again, thanks for all your input !!