View Full Version : What is a Dallmeyer Adon

Arthur Nichols
1-Dec-2008, 13:23
One of these came with a Graflex 5x7 SLR that I just purchased. I looked it up at Cameraeccentric but honestly cannot understand the marketing jargon of the last century. It has stops from F/6 to F/45. It is marked Adon No. 2 Ser X. Serial number 88945. The front element slides back and forth in the barrel. Can some enlighten me as to what I have got?

Walter Calahan
1-Dec-2008, 13:53
Sounds cool.

Make some pictures to post.

1-Dec-2008, 13:58
A varifocal lens - in some ways the predecessor of a Zoom, but requiring you to refocus whenever you change focal length.

Peter K
1-Dec-2008, 14:04
It's a "self-contained telephoto lens". Other as with eralier tele-lenses rear and front elements are mounted in a barrel together. With the movable front element you can get a variable soft-focus.

Ole Tjugen
1-Dec-2008, 23:13
A Dallmeyer ADON can be either a tele-extender ("add-on") or a self-contained telephoto lens, which might be varifocal.

The same name is used for all of them...