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30-Nov-2008, 12:57
Is anyone checking the homepage on actuality?

There is an enthusiastic part about polaroid en type 55 but it isn't available any more, so should that not be included?

I was looking for info about film holders because i wont to disassemble one. (fidelity 13x18)

Armin Seeholzer
30-Nov-2008, 17:40
I still have 38 shoots to use so please wait a bit! No hurry in LF matters.

Cheers Armin

30-Nov-2008, 23:15
Type 55 is still out there.. Just happens to run about $200/box and it comes from some random guys freezer...

QT Luong
1-Dec-2008, 02:28
If anything, it would have an historical interest. But in this case, it's not history:


1-Dec-2008, 11:08
Well in the end it will run out because it wont be manufactured.

But mine statement was about updating the homepage, is someone responsible for that?

Steve Wadlington
1-Dec-2008, 14:42
You're complaining about a free resource.