View Full Version : Technika 4x5 III - small things...large problems?

Patrik Roseen
30-Nov-2008, 05:39
I thought I would share some experience from my use of a Technika III in the field and maybe others will chip in with their learnings.

What are this small annoying things that grow into a large problem unless taken care of regularly?

Last summer I was on a fantastic phototrip to the western side of Sweden (arranged by Joakim A).
While I was out shooting my camera would not extend when turning the focusing knob in the front. I tried turning harder only to hear bad noise and the knob getting stuck (bad idea in the first place I know).

While the others continued shooting I went back to the house to hopefully fix it.
It turned out that this was caused by a small screw under the extension bed holding one of the geared tracks for the focusing mechanics.The screw had come loose just a tiny bit and was now acting like a stick in the door.

I found out that the right way to solve this was not to dismantle the focusing knobs etc. (Waste of time....)

The extension plates should be pushed backwards into the camera house. This is possible by removing the circular stop hold by a screw just behind the inner side of the extension plates. The annoying screw could then be tightened and the plate put back in place.

Learning: Always check the small screws holding the focusing geared tracks underneath the extension plate so that they do not become a stick in the door.


Bob Salomon
30-Nov-2008, 05:59

When using a camera that was discontinued in 1956 a trip to the service center periodically it is true answer on keeping these old beasts in top condition. Tightening those small screws and looking for missing ones is part of a good CLA.

Tony Lakin
30-Nov-2008, 10:35
I purchased my Tech III in 1964 it had previously been through the hands of at least two professional photographers, it came with 3 lenses, 127mm 4.7 Press Xenar, 90mm f8 Angulon and a 240mm f5.5 Tele Xenar, the leather covering on the camera body was really tatty and the chrome plating was coming off all over the place, I replaced the leather with some cheap Fablon type stuff and had new bellows made and that's all, here she is 44 years down the line and she hasn't missed a heartbeat and I reckon she will still be going strong long after I have been in the ground, I tried a Tech IV a few months ago and hated it and resold it two weeks after purchase.

Peter K
30-Nov-2008, 11:03

would you got to a phototrip to the western side of Sweden in a car last in the workshop in the early fifties? Come on!

Peter K

Patrik Roseen
30-Nov-2008, 11:27

would you got to a phototrip to the western side of Sweden in a car last in the workshop in the early fifties? Come on!

Peter K

(I have a hunch something is coming back to me from another thread :rolleyes: )

Peter, It's amazing how easy it is to forget the age of this beautiful Technika and ofcourse trying to figure out when it had service the last time. That's why I always bring my toolbox. If I did go in a car from the fifties I sure would learn to mend with it myself, not having to rely on a professional repairshop.