View Full Version : Newbie Flash Question

29-Nov-2008, 23:54
What kind of synch cord do I need for my CG? The lens is a 50s Xenar.


Vick Vickery
30-Nov-2008, 10:22
Without a pic or description, its kinda hard to say, but I'd guess that it has two prongs sticking from the side of the shutter and takes a bi-post cord. Check www.paramountcords.com for photos of all the different connections and cords to match.

Ralph Barker
30-Nov-2008, 11:49
If your shutter has a bi-post connector, and your strobe can take a U.S. household electrical connector, as many studio strobes do, an electric shaver cord will work, too.

robert fallis
30-Nov-2008, 14:06
I just use the bulb (B) setting on the shutter, small f stop, open the shutter,
fire the flash by hand.


arkady n.
1-Dec-2008, 07:12
B&H sells some of the Paramount cords