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29-Nov-2008, 20:13
I just got back my Linhof IV from having a new bellows and I was dismayed to find that there had been damage....

The plate that holds the sliding knob in place on the back is only made of plastic and had cracked on one side allowing the knob to come out as can be seen in the first picture

I don't think the repairer was in anyway responsible but while I'm waiting to hear back from him with any ideas about making a professional quality repair I've tried to fix it

first thing was to remove the platic plate and glue the pieces together so I could use it as a template to make a replacement part from aluminium sheet

sorry, the pics are a little small to keep the file size down

29-Nov-2008, 20:17
the end result is a repair that works fine and is probably stronger than the original but it looks a little daggy and I can't replace the original leatherette to hide it

what I've got now will do fine for using the camera but one question is whether I should bite the bullet and replace the "good" side too.. because the repair does look so much stronger than the original!

has anyone has seen this particular damage before?

any better suggestions because I don't think replacement parts will be easily available?

David A. Goldfarb
29-Nov-2008, 21:37
This is a very common problem. The whole camera is overbuilt except for this part. Fortunately, it hasn't changed since the Tech IV, I don't think, so you can order new guide plates from Marflex or Linhof directly. When I last had my Tech V serviced, I had mine replaced after meticulously Super Gluing them back together several times while on the road, and I ordered a set of spares for future field repairs.

Frankly, your aluminum replacement probably works better. I was considering sending them to SK Grimes and having them make me replacements in brass or aluminum. You can get a leatherette kit for the Technikas from cameraleather.com or Marflex. You could also anodize the aluminum, which would look attractive.

29-Nov-2008, 21:57
thanks for your comments, David.... I did think it was a design flaw to make that part from plastic !!!

29-Nov-2008, 23:21
Hi Andrew,

I, too, am a Tech IV user in Sydney. I haven't experienced your particular problem but thanks for the heads up.

As a matter of interest, who did your bellows for you (local?) and what did you pay?


Carey Bird

30-Nov-2008, 03:39
you can contact the repairer thru' Mainline in Crows Nest p.r.n.