View Full Version : ok 8x10 tri-x rated at 125 in xtol

28-Nov-2008, 14:38
At work and gonna process film from yesterday. Gonna try my tri-x rated at 125 in xtol in a tray. I have done a little looking and can't rally find a good starting time for how I rated my tri-x. A little quick help is super appreciated.

28-Nov-2008, 14:43
Try here


28-Nov-2008, 17:02
I had tried there first, but in my haste was easily confused. Anyhow, I did one sheet at a time in a tray of xtol 1+1 at 6 minutes with constant agitation. The negatives look really good! We'll see once they are dry and I can make some contact prints or scans.