View Full Version : Tachihara field cameras

Gary Ross
2-Jun-2001, 10:55
Will the tachihara ffield cameras acdcept graphmatic film holders. Spacing in th e spring back???

Brian Ellis
3-Jun-2001, 10:24
No. If you want to use a roll film holder with the Tachihara you have to use the one sold by Calumet. My present camera has the Grafmatic style back and personally I don't care for much for it and the backs made for it. To use a dedicated roll film holder for this style back you have to remove the ground glass frame, find a place to put it, make the picture, and then retrieve it and put it back on the camera. With the Calumet holder and a spring back you just slip the holder into the back like a normal holder, without having to remove, store, and replace the ground glass.