View Full Version : Best changing bag in field?

Masayoshi Hayashi
15-Mar-1999, 23:12
I'm in the market of a changing bag now. Let's not mention about dust problem an d quickload films here. Which product would you suggest for a changing bag in fi eld? It should be compact, dust-free design and lightweight yet roomy when expan ded. Any comment is appreciated. Masayoshi

Larry Huppert
16-Mar-1999, 00:01
I like my Harrison pup-tent (from Calumet). Tried a Photoflex and returned it. Personally, I thought the Photoflex was an ergonomic disaster. I spoke with Photoflex tech support, and they understood the problem I was having very well. It doesn't allow any useful rest position while your arms are inside the tent. This added stress is the last thing you need while handling sheet film, holders, grafmatics, etc.

Ellis Vener
16-Mar-1999, 01:12
i agree completely with Larry's negative comments about the Photoflex tent. I wo uld get the largest version of the Harrison dark tent has I feel the more room t he better.

Bruce Schultz
17-Mar-1999, 12:47
Photoflex requires practice. Manual gymnastics have to be developed over time. I used a Photoflex during a vacation in the desert to unload and reload 8x10 hol ders at night inside my campe. It was a tight fit but with time I learned to man age. I had some dust but not as much as I expected in the dry climate heavily ch arged with static electricity. Photoflex doesn't guarantee that its tents are light-tight, and I notice some pi nholes along a seam, so I don't use it in bright sunlight. For the price, at $75 it's a little less than half the cost of the Harrison tent , it wasn't a bad deal but you have to accept its limitations.

John Wiemer
17-Mar-1999, 14:33
I would have a hard time buying a changing bag that is not guaranteed to be light tight. That the sole purpose of the bag. In the field while backpacking I carry my changing bag on my back...my sleeping bag. It's fairly easy to adapt to and generally I change film at night. Sorry, still haven't resorted to quick loads due to price.

London Wolfe
30-Mar-1999, 21:12
The Harrison pup tent 4x5 is far superior to the Photoflex version. First, it folds up into its own stuff sack and can be packed away with relative ease into any size backpack. The Photoflex, in contrast, packs into a clumsy cylindar shaped bag that is not packable at all. Second, the Harrison tent is made of superior materials - the tent material is thick, has two layers with two separate zippers, the poles are strong. The Photoflex tent material is much thinner, the poles are easily bent out of shape. You have to be careful with the Photoflex bag. And it's not even guaranteed to be light-tight! Third, it's much easier to place one's arms in the Harrison tent, as the arm shoots sit at the front of the tent. In contrast, the arm shoots for the Photoflex tent sit on opposite ends. If you are small like me, you feel like you're hugging a big balloon. Poor design. I bought a Photoflex and returned it for the Harrison pup tent. I'm much happier.