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26-Nov-2008, 20:15
Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on B&W films for very long exposures. I've tried a few boxes of Delta 100 with shorter exposure times and have been very happy with the results so far.
But the reciprosity law advice Ilford provided me means exposures of a couple of minutes would blow out to ridiculous lengths of say half and hour or more (depending how long the indicated exposure is of course) when adjusted for reciprosity law failure.
For this reason I'm thinking of switching to Acros, as it's much easier. All that's required (according to Fuji) is a half-stop extra for longer exposure times.
Anyone got experience with Delta 100 of Acros over these longer times that may be able to offer advice to someone still trying to get his head around some of the basics?

Brian Ellis
26-Nov-2008, 20:36
TMax 100 and TMax 400 have shorter reciprocity times than most films though I don't know about Acros. Does Fuji mean only a half stop more regardless of how long the metered exposure is?

Sheldon N
26-Nov-2008, 20:45
I've found Acros to be very linear. I shoot multi-minute exposures and haven't been adding any exposure compensation.

26-Nov-2008, 20:45
Fuji Acros is the best film by far I have used for low reciprocity failure. Delta 100, TMax-100 and TMax-400 are much better than traditional films, but not nearly so good as Acros.

Sandy King

TMax 100 and TMax 400 have shorter reciprocity times than most films though I don't know about Acros. Does Fuji mean only a half stop more regardless of how long the metered exposure is?

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
27-Nov-2008, 04:42
Fuji Acros 100 has the lowest reciprocity compensation factor of any film I know.
I have found the test data and the reciprocity failure formula given on the lunar light website quite accurate for my purposes. You can find them here: http://home.earthlink.net/~kitathome/LunarLight/moonlight_gallery/technique/reciprocity.htm#acrostable

In practical terms: for exposures < 15 minutes there is no need to compensate for reciprocity failure.

Jim Noel
28-Nov-2008, 09:14
Acros is the clear winner here. Nothing on the market comes close to it's lack of need for reciprocity correction.

Joseph O'Neil
28-Nov-2008, 09:30
You guys ahve my interest peaked. Does anybody in Canada sell Archos 100? Years ago I used to shoot some Neopan 4x5 I got straight form Japan


Jan Nieuwenhuysen
28-Nov-2008, 10:30
I do not know about availability in Canada. Probably it is the same situation as here in Europe. I buy the film through Dirk Rösler's Japan Exposures (formerly megaperls) webshop from Japan. I can recommend that route if you can not buy in Canada (or maybe the US)

28-Nov-2008, 11:20
Both Badger Graphic and Freestyle Photo have Acros in Quickloads, as does Adorama, but it looks like all are out of sheets in 4x5 and 8x10. Would like to get my hands around some of that 8x10 myself.

Wayne Crider
28-Nov-2008, 19:11
I read last night that in color slide film Provia is very good. In B&W Acros

28-Nov-2008, 20:00
Thanks all, confirms what I thought, so I've ordered some Acros from Dirk (pretty good postage rates to Australia where I am). I also sent an email to Badger and they are out of stock of the plain sheets at the moment but have advised they are getting more in, which might be a good option for you guys in N. America region (postage to Oz is a killer though).
Thanks again for your advice.

Joseph O'Neil
29-Nov-2008, 07:09
Thanks guys. I've ordered many times form Badger before, and no issue with them shipping to Canada. I'll wait until thier stock arrives.

Drew Wiley
30-Nov-2008, 17:18
I certainly agree with the ACROS recommendation. But I have two complaints against it in 8X10. It is a relatively thin film, so might not stay as flat in a filmholder
as most films. Second, it is a very slick film prone to Newton rings. I recommend
anti-newton glass in the negative carrier. Another point - it's on acetate base, so if you make unsharp masks for it, they aren't likely to stay in register. And remember that it's orthopan rather than panchromatic, so don't use any red filter stronger than a 25. Otherwise, fabulous stuff.

1-Dec-2008, 06:10
Acros 4x5 in sheet is one heck of a long wait. I've been waiting more then 6 months and finally just gave up. It was my film of choice but I will not spend the $$ on quickloads which are easy to come by. Every time I hear a shipment of Acros 100 is coming in, I find out a few weeks later it was bumped. I really love the film. But honestly, if you cannot get it (in the US) in a consistently reasonable amount of time, what good is it? I don't mind waiting a month or 2 or having to buy a little more stock but Fuji is just gerking us around to make their bucks on quickloads.

1-Dec-2008, 06:59

Jon Warwick
1-Dec-2008, 07:01
Another thumbs-up for Acros. No reciprocity issues to consider for shots I've done up to 2 minutes so far (eg, of architecture at night). Great sharpness and lack of grain too.

Jim Simmons
2-Dec-2008, 02:29
A guy is selling sheets of 4x5 on ebay for an OK price:

His shipping price from LA to New Zealand was very reasonable.