View Full Version : Help! Light leak?

Robert Glieden
25-Nov-2008, 19:55
This is the second time now where I've noticed this spot in the center of the negative. I'm wondering if I have a bad holder? It seems weird that the mark happens in the middle of the negative - not the edge? On the other example the spot was in a similar location, maybe a bit more to the left. Your help is much appreciated.



26-Nov-2008, 02:55
It's unlikely this is a film holder problem.

My first step would be to put the same taking lens back on the camera, remove the back and see if you can spot any obvious gaps or reflective hotspots (off bellows, etc...) that could be bouncing light onto the film. It's also possible that this is some kind of surge mark from uneven development.

Robert Glieden
26-Nov-2008, 05:02
Very well. I will try this.

Thank you,


26-Nov-2008, 08:56
I had a similar thing happen years ago. It turned out to be a streak caused by uneven development of the neg.


Robert Glieden
26-Nov-2008, 11:25
Thanks again, I'm leaning towards uneven development. Camera is new and painted black inside and looks pretty good. Maybe 4 sheets in the tray instead of 6 will make this go away. Glad to hear the problem probably lies with me and I don't need to buy more equipment. Feel free to keep posting your opinions. They are appreciated.


Gene McCluney
27-Nov-2008, 10:45
I have had that "type" of streak with drum processing of a negative, but never in trays.

Robert Glieden
27-Nov-2008, 20:36
Upon further inspection with a flashlight in the dark, I noticed a tiny spot on the bottom of my Technika lens board where light was coming in. I also noticed a bit of play where the lensboard could slide back and forth in the standard. When the board was shifted to one side or the other a bit of light was coming in. A bit of black electrician's tape solved this. It makes sense that when front rise was used (as it was in the case of the two ruined photographs) the spot on the bottom of the lensboard would be near the center of the film where streaks occurred.

All of this guesswork is a shot in the dark, but beginning to make at least some sense. Thank you for your replies - please correct me if I am wrong in my speculation.