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Dan Kowalsky
1-Jun-2001, 18:53
I have two questions about the 11x14 format. First,what is the minimum amount of image cirlce to cover this format with little movement. And which of these len' s would be able to cover this format with moderate movements if stopped down to f45 or f64? Caltar-S II 300mm f5.6, Rodenstock 480 mm Ronar,and Rodenstock Roag on 360mm f6.8(enlarging lens). I could not find information in the previous thre ads. Thanks for any feed back you can help me with.

Micah Marty
2-Jun-2001, 01:38
Diagonal with a Fidelity 11x14 holder is 443mm. Sorry I can't help with the lens part of your query. Unless the mfr. claims a lens has enough coverage it's hard to know if a given lens will cover a particular format unless you actually try the lens on that format or the next larger format.

Note, though, that "moderate movements" require a lot more inches in 11x14 than they do in 4x5; assuming it means 110-120% of the diagonal, in 11x14 that's 487-532mm (did I mention that I have for sale a 210SA with a 500mm image circle?). It's also not ideal to stop down to f45 or f64 all the time, but I'm guessing that you probably knew that already.


Dave Willison
2-Jun-2001, 08:08
Take a look at the following site: http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/Alt_cameras/large%20format%20lenses.ht m

You will find a list of lenses that cover the format with an image circle of at least 452mm. The lenses you list may be included in the table, particularly section 2 which covers modern lenses.

By the way, are you looking for a lens that will cover 11x14 or are you trying to determine whether your current lenses will work?


2-Jun-2001, 13:47
Hi Dan,

None of your three lenses will cover 11x14 at infinity with moderate movements. Rodagon might just cover the format at f45 without movement. But they all should cover 11x14 at 1:1. Are you looking for lenses which cover 11x14 at infinity? Cheers,

Dan Kowalsky
2-Jun-2001, 17:45
Thanks for all your help. From the answers of Micah,Dave and Geoffrey I came to the conclusion my three lenes I mentioned will not cover 11x14. Dave, thanks loads for the lens url. Micah, I need a wheel barrel to carry around my 165 s/a and the 210 s/a is a beautiful 100 degree w/a like the 165 but with 500mm of i/c yet its twice the size. I will be looking for an older barrel lens or a copy lens like a 355 G Clairon. I am looking to go into an 11x14 format for contact printing only in the alternative process, palladium and platinum.

Dave Willison
3-Jun-2001, 09:09
The 355 G Claron has a good reputation but I seldom see one for less than $1,000. When I started with 11x14, I bought a 19" Goerz Red Dot Artar. The Red Dot Artar enjoys a similar following but is often available in a barrel mount for under $500. I've even seen a 24" Artar without stops for around $100. Considering the cost of a new fidelity holder or a custom made one from Wisner, AWB, Great Basin, etc., the Artars are quite a bargain. Good luck with 11x14!


Anthony J. Kohler
7-Jun-2001, 17:14
Speaking of 19" RD Artars, I picked one up on eBay for $163, delivered. Still need to get it mounted in shutter, but that'll happen one of these days.