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24-Nov-2008, 06:40
Hi All,

Just bought this lens over ebay: Hugo Meyer Portrait Trioplan 12"/3.5
What can you say about it? Do you have any pictures made with this or similar lens?


24-Nov-2008, 07:20
That seller is a jerk. I sent a message to him that it is not a soft-focus lens - at least according to the Vade Mecum. Here is the VM quotation:

"Portrait Trioplan f3.0-f3.8 These were made in 10.25in for 7x5in, 12in for 8.5x6.5in, 14in for
8.5x6.5in, 16.5in for 10x8in and 19in for 10x8in. In the B.J.A. 1934 p567 these are listed as Portrait Trioplan,
but they were a sharp lens and were actually also used as a fast lens on many press and reflex cameras as
was then normal."

Not that it isn't a worthy triplet lens... it should have outstanding depth-of-field flexibility.

24-Nov-2008, 08:03
Thank you for information.
I also found this one:

I was choosing between this lens and Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 300/3.5 and bought this :) Hope I will like it.

Jim Galli
24-Nov-2008, 08:26
I would choose this over the Tessar too. I don't have one to show you pictures with but I do have the Cooke Portrait triplets and they are wonderful in use.

30-Oct-2011, 21:16
I have two larger versions of these lenses, both of which i swap out all the time with my favourite soft big beast lenses.

Arne Croell
31-Oct-2011, 00:51
Meyer did make a soft focus Porträt-Trioplan with a moveable center lens similar to the Universal Heliar. It is easily recognizable by the additional ring to set the soft focus effect. The one focal length I am aware of is 260mm (10 1/4"), not 12", though.

31-Oct-2011, 05:41
I've got a 210/4.5 trioplan, and it's an excellent alternative to a Zeiss Tessar; not better or worse, just another option.

Mine has super nice buttery creamy bokeh and is good for portraits at any aperture and good for general stuff at f8 and down. It's not soft focus.


is an example of how I've used it.

I use it with a speed graphic, as it's a barrel lens without shutter.

11-Nov-2011, 19:06
Meyer Trioplans are a nice substitute for Heliars and TTH Cooke triplets.
The f/4.5 version should be quite affordable, while the soft type is rare and expensive.
The Portrait Trioplan should fall in between, not exactly cheap...
I have seen very nice pictures made with a 300mm f/4.5: nice bokeh, very "plastic" rendition, and quite softish, if shot wide open.
I found a 360mm f/4.5 (late, coated version), in barrel, with flange and shade, for little more than 100 euros + shipping.
When i'm done with the restoration of my studio camera i will test it against an early (1910 ca) 36cm Heliar. I guess the Trioplan could prove softer at max aperture.

have fun