View Full Version : technica vignetting

13-Oct-1998, 17:36
i would like to know among the master technica owners if they have had any probl em with vignetting.

i use in differents occasions a 210/5.6 apo symmar a 180/5.6 nikkor w a 180/5.6 apo-symmar with different films holders and with no mouvements ,no shade or fily ter on ,shooting beetween f8 1/2 and f32 1/2 ,but all the time i have to notice a very small vignetting in the four corners.

could any one let me know if i may avoid it?

many thanks

Bob Salomon
18-Oct-1998, 18:47
This is caused on all Technika 45 cameras by the track for the revolving back. The cut off is actually outside the normal usable negative area. It is not visible with short lenses but starts to become visible around 180mm or when shooting in macro ranges. The only way to eliminate it is to cut out the track at the corners of the frame. But then your back won't revolve.

This is what has been done to the backs on the Kardan cameras over the past decade so on the Linhof field camera, the Technikardan, the cut off no longer o