View Full Version : Fuji Acros

17-Jul-2001, 11:33
Does anyone have any experience with Fuji Acros, and starter times/EI's? I've ma naged to get hold of two boxes of this in Quickload format today.

The new Kodak holder and TMax100 in single sheet readyload format don't appear t o be available at all in the UK.

William D. Lester
17-Jul-2001, 15:32
I shot a roll of 120 at EI 64. I developed it in Xtol 1:1 for 9-1/2 minutes @ 68 deg. Negatives look great. I haven't printed them, but it's a start.

john g
20-Jul-2001, 17:15
Does the box really say across? Acording to the fuji rep the 100 ASA in europe is actually a dufferent emultion/grain structure/everything.