View Full Version : Help: Compound shutter #5 cam

22-Nov-2008, 10:17
Good morning!

I had a technician (ICT Mountain View) cleaned and lubricated a Compound #5 shutter, and now the 1 and 1/2 seconds are correct. But the higher speeds seem totally off (top speeds more like 1/15s instead of 1/50s), and my technician diagnosed it to be a wrong cam which does not push the pin far enough.

I'm considering make a new cam by myself, and would appreciate it if anyone with a properly working #5 Compound can offer a trace of the cam contour? Or if you happen to have a broken #5 compound and can spare the cam? I'm eagerly trying to get it working so I can finally use the nice 24cm f/4.5 Heliar. :-) Many thanks!

Peter K
22-Nov-2008, 11:50
Every Compound shutter has it's own cam, because the shutter speeds are adjusted by grinding the cam. You can test the maximum speed of the shutter by holding back the pin with your fingernail if you operate the tension lever and the release. If the speed is slower as ca. 1/55 sec another cam will not solve the problem.

22-Nov-2008, 22:33
Thanks Peter. It is important to know that every shutter has individual cam. I will try out the top speed first, and then continue with the more advance cam grinding.