View Full Version : Darkrooms rentals in St. Louis

Irwin Cua
31-May-2001, 18:14
Hi! Just wanted to know if there are any black and white darkrooms for rent in t he St. Louis area. Thanks


David Willis
1-Jun-2001, 02:39
Creve Coeur Photo has a B&W darkroom they rent out. I think it goes for $10/hr.

A good alternative would be to audit (or take for credit) a class at any one of the St. Louis Community Colleges. A 3 credit class is $129. The classes include darkroom usage. I don't know about Flo Valley, but Forest Park and Meramec both provide the chemistry for developing film and paper. Meramec still has a wet color darkroom; FP went all digital for their color. FP has more LF enlargers in their B&W darkroom.

Drop me a line off forum if you want more info. I've taken several classes there and been quite pleased with the instruction and facilities.