View Full Version : Ebony bellows focusing hood + magnifier

Tom Conway
19-Nov-2008, 09:41
Does anyone have experience using this accessory? My specific questions are:

1. does the magnifier permit viewing all the way to the corners?
2. how compact does it fold?
3. is the image on the GG less bright, brighter or the same vs. using a cloth?
4. what are the advantages and disadvantages?
5. what else should I be asking?

I shoot macro, tabletop, nature and landscape using lenses from 72-210MM on an Ebony SW45U, wear glasses and sweat a lot under a cloth! Thanks in advance for your comments.

19-Nov-2008, 13:30
The magnifier itself is amazing. It's the best thing to use when viewing a GG. My opinion on using the hood in combination with the magnifier however, is lukewarm. I couldn't see clearly with the hood at all. Viewing the corners is also very difficult. Though you can move the bellows around to see, it becomes more of a pain than anything else. It's also quite expensive, but the piece of glass that comes with the price is very well worth it in my opinion. I would suggest to stick with the cloth.
Hope this helps.

Michael Chmilar
19-Nov-2008, 18:11
I have used the hood (without magnifier) for years. I only used a darkcloth for a short time.

It is difficult to get as dark as using a cloth. You have to use your hands to seal off the edges, but some light always leaks through. I use a 4x loupe for focusing. Checking corners and edges can be difficult, and I remove the hood to do this.

I do not tend to spend a lot of time looking at the groundglass. I compose in my head, and only view the glass for framing and focus. If you tend to spend a lot of time composing on the groundglass, you might find the hood insufficient.

You will have to be a little careful how you pack it, since it could be fragile when it is naked. I carry my gear in Pelican cases, so I have a slot for the hood where it is safe.

The magnifier version came out a year or two after I purchased the hood. I've always wondered what it would be like to use it, as I have never seen one in-person.

Tom Conway
20-Nov-2008, 14:35
Nelson & Michael: Thanks for taking the time to post and for your comments! Tom Conway.