View Full Version : Rotating polarizer for Lee or Hi-Tec holder?

Dennis Frates
15-Jul-2001, 02:23
I currently use a Cokin P series holder and have purchased several glass filters for it including a Sing-Ray polarizer. I am happy with the system, but it is no t wide enough for the 47mmXL Schneider lens I just purchased. I looked at the Le e and Hi-Tec systems which are probably large enough, but they do not sell a rot ating polarizer. I need a rotating polarizer within the holder so that I can kee p my square graduated filters on the horizon when taking landscape pics. Before going the step up ring route I thought I'd ask if anyone has an answer to this p roblem.

Ellis Vener
15-Jul-2001, 10:08
Hi-Tech most certainly does sell a rotating polarizer for the 100mm size filter holder. You will probably need to order it.

On the other hand if you are using the 47mm XL withethe 4x5 or even the 6x12 or 6x9 format you probably are not going to be happy with the results: No Polarizer can evenly polarize that wide of an angle of view. And with 4x5 by the time you put the necessary center weighted filter on and the filter holder (any filter holder) and the polarizer on the front of it you are going to have significant image cut off in the corners, negatingthe reason you bought the lens in the first place.

Dennis Frates
15-Jul-2001, 16:11
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I was not aware that Hi-Tech m ade this filter. I will check it out. So far I have not been using the center filter for this lens. There is some light fall off, but it is acceptable for the landscape work I do as long as I shut the lens way down thus maximizing my image circle. I agree ultra wide shots incl ude too much of the sky to get even polarization. I have thus far used a B + W slim polarizer that does OK if I only use it when no sky is included or with very little sky in verticles for example. I'm hoping I can use a holder because I'm getting tired of using tape a nd hand holding square filters. There has got to be a better way. Thanks again for your help.

Ellis Vener
15-Jul-2001, 17:22
The Hi-Tech filter fits in the front of the Hi-Tech filter holder. Everything I've ever read suggests that the polarizer should be the farthest filter from the lens if you are combining filters, hense My thinking that you are gonna get some heavy vignetting