View Full Version : deardorff bellows replacement

Bruce Schultz
15-Mar-1999, 17:14
How difficult is replacement of an 8x10 Deardorff bellows? Where could I get a b ellows to fit and how much would a new bellows cost? What type of glue should be used?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Mar-1999, 14:10
I can't tell from your post if you intend to do the work yourself or would prefer to pay someone else. However, there is an article in the July/August '96 issue of View Camera on making your own bellows. Check the other postings with bellows questions.

Great Western Bellows is in Rancho Cucamunga, CA, Don't have their address or phone, but I believe Sheldon Hambrick may be able to help you out. He posts here occassionally.

Flexible Products is in Florida at 14504 60th Street N. Clearwater, FL 34620 1-800-551-3766.

Universal Bellows is at 25 Hanse Street, Freeport, NY. Can't remember the zip but I believe I've posted it before on this forum. They replaced my 8 X 10 bellows for 150.00 + S&H. Not gorgeous, but so far they's effective.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-May-1999, 23:48
Here's another source: