View Full Version : Golden Dagors?

Rob Rielly
8-Jan-1998, 15:55
I recently obtained an 8 x 10 Ansco, which I rebuilt and managed to get in perfe ct working order. Now I need to get a lens for it in order to pursue landscape photography. Although I am quite familiar with modern and a few older 4 x 5 lenses I am not really up on older lenses for 8 x 10. I have seen much discussi on of the Goerz Golden Dagors and they seem to have their admirers and detractor s. I have the opportunity to obtain a 12" (78xxxxx) at a fair price (according to my survey of adds, etc.). Will I be satisfied with this lens, or should I b e looking for more modern lenses? I will contact print at first, and then if I like the format, I'll probably get an 8 x 10 head for my Zone VI enlarger. I doubt that I'll do any color work with it as I am m ore interested in B & W. I'd appreciate hearing comments from those familiar wit h this lens and others of that length.Thanks, Rob

Harold Clark
17-Feb-1998, 18:11
I have owned a 9.5 inch golden dagor for a number of years. I have decided to se ll it, only because I have a Fuji 240 f9 lens also, which does essentially the s ame thing. The Fuji has a hair more contrast, in a test enlarged 9 times. For 8x 10 work, even enlargements, you would not notice a difference in quality. One ad vantage of the Dagor is a very large image circle, I believe between 85 and 90 d egrees. Another excellent lens in this focal length is the Schneider G claron. I t produces a much larger image circle than Schneider advertises.

Harold Clark