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18-Nov-2008, 07:52
I have purchased a 210mm Schneider Apo Symmar in Copal 1 mount from a reputable seller with 100% positive feedback on eBay. Price paid GBP 200.

The glass is perfect and the lens and shutter are in cosmetically very good condition. They hardly appear used. However, the Copal 1 shutter release lever has a problem. Once the shutter is cocked, the shutter release lever is not depressed easily - to get the shutter to fire the release lever seems to have to be depressed to the point at which it sticks beneath the shutter speed adjustment ring. After firing, the release lever does not automatically flick back to its normal position.

It seems that the shutter, in its current state, will be pretty useless on bulb setting and might not fire easily on other speeds using cable release.

I am new to LF and wonder if this kind of "sticky" shutter release lever is: (a) commonly encountered; and (b) difficult or expensive to repair?

I've contacted the seller to see what they propose as a resolution but the Seller is not offering returns so I am not optimistic of a resolution on that score. Unless I am to end up with an expensive paperweight I will likely have to sort this myself. Grateful for any advice including recommended places for lens/shutter service/repair in central London.


18-Nov-2008, 11:43
Hi Riverman,

It sounds like your shutter needs a CLA. The cost will obviously depend on what repairs it needs to get it into good operating shape. All of my lenses are mounted in Copal shutters and they've always been quite reliable.

Ask the seller if they'll spring for a piece of the repair bill.

Good luck.


gari beet
18-Nov-2008, 11:49
Hi Riverman, I use Black on White in Bristol for my CLA's. His mailing service is great so no problem that he's not in London. I think a full CLA is around 60-70.
Good service and reliable.


I can send you the address if you want it.

18-Nov-2008, 12:54
Thanks for the helpful replies. I'll see where I get with the seller but will probably have to bite the bullet and go for the CLA. Shame, as the lens itself looks stellar and I can't wait to start shooting some portraits with it. If you have details of the place in Bristol that would be really helpful. Thanks.

eric black
18-Nov-2008, 14:33
I hope this seller doesnt continue to roll along with a 100% feedback unless they disclosed this problem ahead of time. Seems to me the price you paid was about correct- for a working lens and shutter- I would hope that this seller takes some accountability- there is no excuse for selling an item and not standing behind it until all parties are content. Good luck!

29-Nov-2008, 11:09
Well. This was resolved. Seller was fair and offered return or part refund of GBP 70. Opted for the latter and Black on White in Bristol fixed the shutter for 67 quid. Just need to find a filter now - the glass bulges quite a lot on this lens so I'm thinking I'll probably have to get a 72 to 77 step up ring and put a larger filter on it.